NFT development and consulting services

Devvoted offers a full range of NFT development services, ranging from creating an NFT to promoting and maintaining it.

$10B Total 2022 NFT market cap
$12B NFT trading volume in Q2 2022
$10.11M NFT sales volume in Q2 2022
Core NFT services we render

Devvoted provides all the necessary services in the NFT field to artists, entrepreneurs, investors, and content creators:

NFT marketplace development
We offer assistance in building a fully functioning NFT marketplace. This includes managing smart contracts, implementing a minting engine, and integrating web3 wallets.
NFT token development
Devvoted's blockchain and NFT experts assist businesses in creating non-fungible tokens that represent intellectual property, such as a painting or tweet.
NFT minting platform development
Rely on our expertise in delivering exceptional NFT minting platform development solutions to clients seeking to generate substantial income by minting their assets.
NFT smart contract development
By providing a comprehensive range of NFT smart contract development and maintenance services, we offer clients a one-stop solution for all their NFT-related needs.
NFT lending platform development
We build NFT lending platforms that offer prospects for generating profits and liquidity. Make use of smart contracts as your escrow system and use tokens as collateral to enable lending and borrowing of funds.
NFT consulting services
Let us help you navigate NFT development. We refine strategies or create new ones, and our concepts drive business growth and eliminate inefficiencies.
Make your own NFTs
We will assist you in developing a customer-focused NFT marketplace that stands out from the rest.
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Industries we cover
Take advantage of our NFT development services for your DeFi project. You may request NFTs be converted into loan collateral, stake assets in order to increase exposure or reduce downside risk. Make digital assets part of NFTs to boost income and prevent curve model build-up.
With custom metaverses, users can create and trade NFTs for VR/AR and real-life estate, as well as visual components. Get involved in unlimited social communities by creating scalable 3D environments. You can also upgrade multiple metaverses at once.
By applying tokenomics advances, you can grow your profit margins. With NFT-enabled loyalty programs, vouchers, and discounts, you can multiply your customer growth. Utilize NFT proof-of-purchase to diversify product offerings and reduce delivery times.
Digital arts
Explore new investment pools and introduce upscale items to decentralized auctions through NFT art marketplaces. Throughout the lifecycle of artworks, NFTs operate like digital signatures - keep track of their authenticity and value.
By integrating an NFT Marketplace into your Digital Game, you enable users to trade virtual assets in the form of NFTs to experience realistic gameplay. DEXs allow players to receive rewards, trade NFTs, and even cash out their tokens for in-game characters, accessories, and other collectibles.
Everything Crypto
The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving. But our experienced developers will easily understand the new products and make something new and relevant for you.
Our NFT marketplace development process
Planning and consulting
The specialists at Devvoted will examine market regulation policies and growth potential for your future NFT marketplace platform.
Estimate your project
We will develop a plan that outlines the goals, budget, timeline, and other critical elements to guide the project from inception to completion.
Design the architecture
At this stage, Devvoted's engineers will design the architecture of your NFT marketplace platform, taking into consideration the user experience, scalability, and security.
Develop the platform
During this stage, our design and development teams take advantage of the latest tools and technologies to deliver a user-friendly NFT marketplace.
Regulatory and security compliance
Ensuring the NFT marketplace is compliant with applicable laws, regulations, and security standards.
Test and launch
Before going live, Devvoted's QA engineers conduct a thorough series of tests, including extreme conditions, to identify and resolve all bugs. Upon successful testing, we will launch the NFT marketplace.
Maintenance and support
Devvoted will provide regular updates and bug fixes to maintain the security and currency of your NFT marketplace. Our team will also closely monitor the platform for any suspicious activity.
Blockchains and platforms we work with
Devvoted helps customers choose the right development platform based on their business needs, budget expectations, security requirements, public or private network, and availability of both technical and physical resources.
Why choose us
We deliver on time and budget
We are committed to delivering projects on time and within budget, regardless of whether it involves developing an NFT marketplace platform from scratch or upgrading a smart contract.
Proven experience
Our 5+ years of blockchain experience allow us to build any NFT-based solution based on in-depth knowledge of various NFT standards and blockchain protocols.
Ongoing support
Even after we launch the NFT marketplace platform or a related NFT-based solution, we continue to support our customers.
Flexible engagement models
By cooperating with Devvoted, you can choose your engagement model from dedicated teams to full-service outsourcing for your NFT solution.
Data protection
Data security is a top priority for us. We adhere to the OWASP Secure Coding Practices and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Strict security standards
When you partner with us, you benefit from reduced costs, higher efficiency, and ultra-secure solutions.
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