Business-centric smart contract development services

Devvoted assists blockchain-related startups and businesses create and implement smart contracts to automate operations, streamline workflow, and reduce operating costs.

$183.1M Market value in 2022
24.2% CAGR during 2022-2028
$1.4B+ Estimated market cap by 2028
Services we deliver

To ensure our clients' smart contracts are safe, secure, and compliant with the relevant regulations and standards, we provide the following services:

Smart contract architecture
By following best practices in smart contract architecture, we ensure the code is bug-free and the contract performs as expected.
Smart contract design and development
Devvoted's experts design self-executing contracts for various industries, meeting unique requirements on public, private, and hybrid blockchains.
Smart contract optimization
We help customers improve smart contract performance and reduce transaction fees by identifying and fixing bottlenecks in code, architecture, and configuration. This allows for efficient invoice creation and secure private key management.
We provide comprehensive support
whether it be smart contract development or an audit of existing contracts, to enhance efficiency.
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How can businesses benefit of smart contracts?
Increased efficiency
Smart contracts streamline business operations by automating processes and eliminating manual handling and intermediaries.
Smart contracts ensure the same conditions for all parties involved by preventing changes to the terms and conditions once deployed to the blockchain.
Reducing the risk of fraud
Smart contracts can reduce the risk of fraud by hindering malicious actors from altering contracts and by providing a permanent, tamper-proof record of all transactions.
Smart contracts are stored on a decentralized ledger, which means that anyone with access to the blockchain can see the terms of the contract and their execution.
Industries we cover
Take advantage of our smart contract development services to help healthcare organizations optimize clinical trial procedures, securely and transparently share research data, increase precision and efficiency in treatment, streamline healthcare supply chains, and improve other relevant operations.
Supply chain
The use of smart contracts enhances interoperability and transparency throughout the supply chain, streamlines procurement and logistics, enables tracking of goods' origin and contract execution, and ensures quality standards are met for payment to suppliers and more.
Our smart contract development services can help optimize financial transactions, reduce costs associated with regulatory compliance, provide access to new investment opportunities through the creation of decentralized lending and insurance platforms, and tokenize assets.
Internet of things
Smart contracts in the IoT domain offer benefits such as automation of device management, secure tracking of device transactions, creation of decentralized networks for efficient data management and communication, and improved security for IoT devices.
Use smart contracts to conduct digital elections and ensure the visibility of each vote for all participants. The candidate with a verifiable majority of votes is promptly elected.
Improve the administration of insurance agreements, eliminate redundant paperwork, and restore trust among parties by implementing predetermined insurance payout scenarios that eliminate the possibility of manipulation from either party
Our smart contract development process
Research and audit
This phase involves researching the specific use case for the smart contract and examining existing platforms and technologies to identify the optimal development method. This ensures the contract is secure, reliable, and meets the specific requirements of the use case.
Design the architecture
Upon completion of the research and audit phase, developers will begin the technical design of the smart contract. This involves creating the logic of the contract, testing and debugging it, and integrating it with the blockchain or other underlying technology.
Development and testing
We execute the engineering of your solution using well-established best practices in smart contract development and conduct ongoing testing throughout the development process.
Deployment and monitoring
During the entire process, our team collaborates closely with the front-end development team to integrate smart contracts with the appropriate front-end interface on a test network before deploying on the main network.
Blockchains and platforms we work with
Devvoted helps customers choose the right development platform based on their business needs, budget expectations, security requirements, public or private network, and availability of both technical and physical resources.
Why choose us
We deliver on time and budget
Regardless of whether we're starting from scratch or upgrading an existing smart contract, we deliver on time and within budget.
Proven experience
Devvoted boasts over 5 years of experience in technology consulting and crafting top-notch blockchain solutions
Ongoing support
We provide timely updates to our clients throughout the project life cycle, and also provide in-house training for our staff and troubleshoot technical issues.
Flexible engagement models
By cooperating with Devvoted, you can choose your engagement model from dedicated teams to full-service outsourcing for your smart contract solution.
Multiple use cases
We support a wide range of use cases, including crypto wallets, NFT marketplaces, STO platforms, ICOs, crypto exchanges and dApps.
Compliance with industry standards
The Devvoted's team strictly complies with industry security standards and requirements and relies on the ISO 27001 framework.
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